Antionio John Meschino

Extended Endings bridges grieving and digital landscapes to create an all-encompassing experience for our modern age. 
In moments of loss, you deserve the best.
What is Extended Endings?
Extended Endings is a platform for modern grieving using ancient methods of dealing with complexity. It aims to conceptualise death, helping the user comprehend and accept reality. The interface can also be seen as a safe space for redefining our relationship with the deceased. It provides the time needed to remember the bond, share memories, and, as a result, legitimising our grief and pain.
How does Extended Endings function?
The interface functions as a liminal space, where the data overflow gains purpose and is utilised for the benefit of the user. Since the algorithm scrapes and curates the profiles, we avoid accountability and play the role of neutral viewers. It also provides the function of redemption, in other words, the sense of removing error or evil. The redemption we used to seek in religion, we now find in algorithms; the faith we used to put in the plan of God, we now place on the power of technology.
How does Extended Endings collect my data?
Your personal data has been collected from social media platforms, to which you have been registered. All data belongs to the user, however, having accepted the terms and conditions during the sign up process, you have given Extended Endings access to the information and allowed the algorithm to sort, archive and generate new content. If you wish to change your privacy setting, please reach out to the platform where the content originates from.
How do I set up an account?
As a user, you cannot manually set up new accounts. This is an automatic process, which only takes place if an individual has digital remains.
I see a profile of someone who is not 
How can I report this?
In case this happens, we are deeply sorry to hear about the mistake. Extended Endings utilises an algorithm designed for the most optimal user experience, which is an always evolving technology. Therefore, if any mistakes arise, please don’t hesitate to inform us via info@extendedendings.com with evidence that supports your claim and we will remove the profile manually.